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Theatrical Media Services, Magnum Properties, TrueMail Marketing, Omaha Love,, UNMC, Helping 500+ Clients

We create perfect brands, vibrant identities, outstanding web design and creative concepts.

Our Services

Be it web design, graphic design, SEO, branding or even something as simple as a promotional flyer, DKA can provide you with the services your business needs to succeed.

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  • Web Services

    Design / Development / SEO

    The Internet is a wonderful medium for dispersing information. We can help your customers or clients find their way to your online door. This becomes very helpful in a competitive place like the Internet. With so much opportunity and potential online, no business should be without their place on the web, or without the correct SEO to guide customers to that site. Our web development team knows that even the best websites are no good unless people can find them.

  • Branding

    Logo / Stationary

    Your brand is a powerful tool to make your business recognizable. DKA Design Group understands this so we push the boundaries to come up with innovative and creative ways for our clients identity to be noticed. DKA can create your company everything from a logo to a full brand guide.

  • Graphic Design

    Flyers / Posters

    We have senior graphic designers on staff who can build graphics for whatever your situation may call for, such as advertisement campaigns, business stationary, logos and signage, anything your company may need. We take pride in every project to ensure that your company is represented exactly how you want.

  • Marketing

    Direct / Multi-Level

    In a world where communication is everything and clarity is the difference between you and every other Joe, you need to effectively capture your customers quickly and deliver through means different and better than your competition.

  • SEO

    In-house SEO Experts

    A beautifully developed website does you no good if it can’t be found! We offer top notch search engine optimization services to ensure your services are found organically. Top rankings for your important keywords and phrases is what our in-house SEO team does best. We base our practices on the core principles of SEO, while staying focused on the cutting edge of industry trends. We always work within the most recent search engine guidelines to deliver real results.

  • Social Media Management

    Top-performing Social Media Campaigns

    Our skilled team of social marketers will create, manage and deliver top-performing social media campaigns for any scale business. We position our clients to become industry influencers through targeted social media marketing campaigns. Our campaigns deliver engaging content and increase followers. We focus on generating relevant, fresh and interesting content that captivates audiences. Our goal is to ensure that your social media campaign directly translates into more traffic and overall conversions for your business.

Omaha's Web Design Team

DKA Design Group is a family of professionals who came together with the same dream of creating a customer service oriented design firm that looks out for the needs of its clients.

Kelly Klein, Founder
Christy Jobman, Account Manager
Cory Becker, Chief Technical Officer
Ross Haley, CEO
Kelly Klein

Kelly Klein


He is the true definition of an entrepreneur who runs five businesses.

Christy Jobman

Candace Clow

CO Owner

She is beyond dedicated to results. If you can dream it, she can do it.

Cory Becker

Jermey Krupski


A code-slinging genius with years of experience under his belt.

Sarah Cooper

Troy Flud

Graphic Designer

A Design guru who enjoys long walks on the beach… with his laptop.

Luna dog
Luna the office dog


Ball Expert

No matter where you hide it, she is guaranteed to find it!

Web Design Portfolio

DKA Design Group is a firm believer that our work speaks for who we are as a company, so we push ourselves to continue to create new and innovating works of art for our clients.